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Extreme termite damage warning

Have you visited this site because you’re worried about the likelihood of Subterranean Termites attacking your home?....... Don’t feel alone ....Termites attack one in every three homes in Australia every year. That’s a frightening statistic.

The damage caused by termite infestations annually runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. Latest figures put it at $910,000,000 .... that's higher than the damage bill for all the fires, floods and storms put together.

Interestingly Brick and Steel Framed Homes are just as susceptible, if not more, to white ant (termite) damage due to the moisture traps under the slab and termite access to weep holes in brickwork and foundation gaps.

So the question isn’t “Should I do something to protect my home from Termites?” but:

“What is the best Termite Control Method I can use to Prevent Termite Damage before it occurs?”

Due to the fact that all the “heavy” chemical treatments like deildrin and heptachlor, which would help to ward off termites for about 30 years, were banned about 16 years ago, and add to this the shift away from homes being set on raised stumps to floating slabs ......  termites or white ants as they are commonly known, just love all that concrete ......  the incidence of termite attack on homes has skyrocketed. This has seen a flood of Termite prevention methods on the market, produced by major chemical companies and Pest Control companies alike.

Governments and councils have made termite prevention like termite proofing of concrete slabs and barrier protection mandatory for new buildings and renovations and yet still those pesky termites are finding ways to get around the barriers.

There are many different forms of modern termite control but Termite Monitoring and Treatment systems or termite baits as they are more commonly known are heavily recommended by all relevant authorities as the first line of defense, even if you already have a physical or chemical barrier installed.

Termi-Mite has developed a fully Australian made and designed DIY Termite Baiting system that makes DIY termite treatment easy and not only works brilliantly but due to the negligible maintenanace costs, over a 5 to ten year period, is incredibly cost effective. On top of that the Termi-Mite Termite Baits will save you thousands of $$$ in termite monitoring and treatment fees nearly all other systems incur and there are no contracts.

Why DIY?

DIY Termite detection and prevention system

If you browse the internet on pest control sites you'll find warnings against trying  "Do it Yourself" termite treatment. If we are talking about installing chemical barriers or internal treatment of infestations I couldn't agree more. You need someone who really kows what they're doing and you need a license.

Termite Baiting systems (Termite Baits) on the other hand don't require any great expertise to instal or monitor, just good advice on placement of the stations and instructions on how to maintain them. Most of the enormous cost associated with commercial termite baiting systems comes from installation (they wont let you do your own installation) and an annual termite monitoring and treatment fee. This is purely due to corporate franchise fees and agreements.

One of the most common complaints we hear is that the paid termite monitoring service tends to drop off, especially in the second year, particularly if you are lucky enough to have no major termite activity that year (the termites will turn up but not always straight away) and customers very quickly get sick of paying between $900.00 and $1,200.00 per year and cancel the service. This is a task you can do quickly and easily yourself and you'll do a much better job because it's your house you'll be saving from termite attack..

Whilst Termi-Mite offers installation of our termite baits for those who can’t physically do it themselves, are too busy or are well off enough to pay someone else, we figure, if you can bury a plant, you can dig these in yourself. It’s dead easy. We will even advise you as to their best positioning. In fact our advice is free when ever you need it.

As the Termi-Mite Monitoring and Treatment System is designed for really easy DIY termite monitoring (you don’t have to be Einstein to monitor your Termi-Mite system) you will not only save the huge annual fees but will always know if termites are about. We give you log sheets, a positioning grid map and easy to follow step by step pictorial instructions. We even send you monthly e-mail reminders so you don’t forget to check for termites and it only takes 10-15 minutes per month..

For the first time ever, you can even buy one of the main termiticides (termite treatment chemicals) called Chlorfluazuron, used by the large franchise systems and do your own termite treatment to the bait stations and its harmless to you, the family and your pets and extremely easy to mix and apply..

What makes The Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment System so different?

“The Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment System” was designed by one of Australia’s most qualified Entomologists (insect expert), specialising in Termites. He has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 35 years and has used his extensive experience and knowledge, CSIRO Research, 13 years and at least 10 prototypes to design the perfect “Termite Trap”. He realised that what you have to give termites is a safe, dark moist environment where they can feed in large numbers without fear from attack by predators or exposure to air, heat, cold or physical disturbance.

Termites/ white ants also need protozoa from plant mould to digest their main diet which is cellulose. Cellulose is what termites extract from the timber and wood products they attack and in a concentrated form can be detected by termites much more easily than normal timber. Finally there needs need be a way to monitor for termite activity and administer the termiticide (termite treatment chemical) without disturbing the termites as this will quickly lose the critical numbers required for treatment.

All the problems I mentioned before have been eliminated in this unique system.

The Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment System is made up of two separate designs. The dual chambered "Termite Coffins" are the main termite monitoring and treatment stations and the "WAM" (White Ant Monitors) are the secondary monitoring and treatment stations placed in tight places where the "coffins" won't fit to give continuous and superior coverage.

Together they outperform all other single chamber and pure timber systems.

How do I Decide Which System to Buy?

When you are trying to decide which termite baits to buy, there are a few things to keep in mind. The point of this is simple. All the major baiting systems who install their baits for you generally follow the rcommendations of the Australian Standards 3006.2 part C. This recommends that Termite baits or stations are placed around the entire perimeter of your building at between 2.5 and a maximum of 3 metres apart forming a continuous barrier. Generally they are placed at between .5 of a metre to a maximum of 3metres out from the building. At Termi-Mite we agree with this recommendation

Obviously this means that the termite baits need to be level with the soil. If they stick out of the ground you cant have them where you are going to trip over them. If they wont fit next to an ag pipe, in a stone drain ..... places where termites love to travel because of the moisture there, if they can't be core drilled into large concrete areas like driveways and patios you can't form a continuous barrier.

Placing termite baits randomly around the property where you see activity can work, but it leaves large parts of you house unprotected from termite attack so we recommend some around the yard and in gardens along the fence or near known activity but the main area they need to be is around the perimeter of the house.

We find on average you will need  one WAM bait to every four Termite Coffins to fit in the tight spaces to get a continuous barrier and where they need to be installed in concrete, usually  under an  inspection plate which gives you plenty of space to apply the treatment paste. The added bonus is that you get better coverage for less cost.

If you only use timber blocks you cant apply enough of the paste to them to be effective so you must then call in a pest controller to treat them with licensed chemicals which quite often costs you more than the blocks did and is no longer truly DIY. With the WAM's always being between the Termite Coffins, the "Coffins" will hold plenty of paste and the paste the WAM's hold is a bonus.

To see what we mean follow the link to "about the design"


Here's What our customers have to say.

I've only put a couple here so I don't bore you. I have scores more from happy customers, sent to me over the years. Let me know if you'd like to see more.

Hi Graham                        April 2011                            

I have had your Termi-Mite baiting system in for about 4 years and have been diligently  checking and recording all of the results. About 3 months ago we found termites on a couple of the sticks, applied the chemical and we have seen no sign of termites anywhere since.
My replacement parts to redo the baits arrived in the post this morning so we're good to go again.
Thanks for the good service and the peace of mind.

George Bell (NSW)

Thank you Graham for your excellent service   January 2012

You installed the Termite baits for us at our property at The Gap about 2 years ago.
Even though we had been convinced how well your system worked, we had been a little sceptical about whether we could successfully do the necessary monitoring etc. of the baits ourselves.
Once we had the plan drawn up of where the baits were though it was easy, it takes us about 12 minutes once a month to check the lot.
We found termites in 2 of the baits a couple of months ago, ordered in and used  the treatment as recommended and 2 months later there is no sign of termites anywhere.
Your ready advice and the info on your web page was very reassuring and we now know that we can easily maintain the termite system and treat it successfully when we need to.

We can recommend your DIY termite bait system to everyone.

Mary & Tom Hughes (Qld)

Find out more about termite detection and prevention using the Termi-Mite system:

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